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Product quality is guaranteed and professionalism is acknowledged.

Our mission is to provide comprehensive solution to all matters sport relates, from sports equipment supplies, sports management and consultancy and sports events management.


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Our team consists of diverse multi skilled management workforce with intensive knowledge and experience in the sports industry locally. With every individual of our staff committed in providing the best possible customer service and the highest quality products we are equipped to handle the complex and distinct needs of our clientele.








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what we offer

Sports Equipment

Orient Sports House specializes in the production, installation and supply of sports equipment for fitness, sports facilities, fitness centres, competitive association and sporting stores.

We provide and deal in sports, health and fitness equipment, kit, uniforms, goods, articles, commodities, apparel and facilities of all description. We are confident of the quality of our products as we work along with various major brands such as Adidas, Dunlop, Connate, Gisco, Puma and Mikasa.

Sports Management

We act as sports consultants, sports agents and sports manager, advisers and specialists in sports business, sports promoters, sponsors, amalgamators.

Areas covered here range from research and for the advancement of and dissemination of knowledge relating to sports and any other related discipline to the conduct of sports extension programs and outreach activities and to contribute to the development of sports in the region.

Event Management

Orient Sports House uses its detailed knowledge of the sector to ensure that client investment is leveraged to its fullest advantage, and we are perfectly placed to align sports with the event and hospitality industries.

We also own, organise and produce a prestigious programme of innovative, top-tier, live events throughout the world.

Nutritional Supplements

Through our subsidiary Orient Nutrition, we supply Nutritional supplements ranging from Calter Tabs/Susp, Synervit, Aminovit Syp/Cap and Ferol-D 3 that are specially formulated to help you meet your calorie, protein and micronutrient need when unable to take enough food.

These products may be consumed individually, incorporated into other foods or beverages or used in cooking to make delicious recipes, which can be easily prepared in your home


key benefits to clients

The benefits that our clients enjoy while experiencing our products and services are;


Affordability and flexibility.


Highly specialized services.


Continuous Improvement through our value added services


Understanding of the diversity in client tastes and preferences.


Routine follow-ups and checks


We have strong bonds with our clients strengthened over the years through our ability to meet their service and quality needs at prices they find affordable.

We pride ourselves to meet al predetermined deadlines. This virtue has enabled us grow our client base which now includes various schools, sports club and corporates companies.

  • Kenya Commercial Bank
  • Bamburi Cement limited
  • Impala Club Rugby section
  • Meru School
  • Moi Forces Academy
  • Kanyakine High
  • Kanjalu Girls
  • Kenya Teachers Training Colleges Association
  • Ornate Creative ltd
  • Timsale fc
  • Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company
  • Langata High School
  • Embu University
  • Meru University
  • County Assembly of Kiambu


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